Roadside Spray Truck with Chemical Injection | 1100 Series

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Learn about CCI's custom multi-purpose roadside spray truck in this short spotlight video. This truck includes a combination tank mix and injection system that allows you to easily apply herbicide for roadside maintenance along with deicing roads. The video gives you an idea how versatile CCI's truck designs are and we welcome any requests when you contact us for a quote.

The future of vegetation management is injection. No more large volume tanks of mixed product. Enjoy GPS speed controlled application. Change multiple chemical application rates on the fly. Apply selective products only when needed.

This cost-efficient rig will save you money and make applying products safer and more precise. It allows applications of the carrier (water) at 30 GPA up to speeds of up to 15 MPH.

  • Mid-Tech or Raven GPS control systems are both available for this unit.
  • Low or high-volume injection pumps are also an option for as low as 1oz per acre and as high as 200oz per acre.
  • Preferred PTO - hydraulic driven carrier pump. Other pump options available.
  • Carrier tanks ranging from 300 to 3200 gallons.

Contact us for a quote and to discuss what we can build for you.

Click on the images to see examples of these types of trucks, including control panels and body styles.