CCI Full-Size Sanitation Sprayer Booth How-To Video

This instructional video shows the basic operation of the CCI Sanitation Sprayer Booth.

Chemical Containers creates custom Full-Size Sanitation Sprayer Booths. These booths are designed to easily and quickly decontaminate shopping carts, people, and other items that require ongoing thorough sanitizing from COVID-19 and other dangerous substances.

When requesting a quote, make sure to let us know any specifications you require so we can design it to best fit your needs.

Video Length: 1 Minute 48 Seconds

Before using the sanitation booth, inspect the hoses, valves, and nozzles for worn out or damaged parts.

Place the ramps at the entrance and exit of the booth. Unscrew the strainer and inspect it for damage to either the screen or the O-rings. Ensure the screen is clean. With the switch in the off position, plug the unit into the power source.

Decide whether you will be using the remote suction or sump suction. If using sump suction, fill the containment basin with the desired disinfectant. Ensure the sump suction hose with screen are in the containment basin. If using remote section, ensure the hose is securely connected to the remote suction cam fitting and the suction end of the hose is in the container being used.

Open the valve for the suction you will be using. Open the spray boom valve. Turn the switch to the on position. The sanitation booth is now ready to be used.

To empty the containment basin, open the offload valve and then close the spray boom valve. A hose can be attached to the offload cam fitting to direct disinfectant to a different container. Once all of the material is removed from the basin, turn the switch to the off position. Then close all valves.